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On this page, you can find your child's English Language Arts syllabus, assignments, classroom policies, vocabulary words, activities, classroom apps, and other information. If you have any questions, you can also contact me. 

8th Grade - Standard Check #5 - Tone

Read the text and answer each question. 
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The current Quizziz Code is 960028
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Summer Reading Project - 2019-2020

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Remind and Other Apps for the Class

Ms. Ozzy uses a variety of classroom apps to help your child learn and to keep you informed. Visit Ms. Ozzy's Classroom Apps page to learn about them and how to sign up for them. All are free and are handled through Leon County Schools to protect you and your child.

Ms. Ozzy strongly encourages you to sign up for these free apps.

Classroom Apps

Our Classroom

As a citizen of Room 503A, we are expected to:
Enter each day with a growth mindset for learning
Make mistakes and learn from them
Learn to set and achieve personal goals

Positive Phrases to Grow Your Brain

I matter
I am smart
Today, I can try something new

Ms. Ozzy

Ms. Ozzy teaches 8th grade English at Swift Creek Middle School.