August 13, 2019

Vocabulary Words for 2019-2020

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  1. Plethora
  2. Embellish
  3. Precarious
  4. Forebode
  5. Obtain
  6. Serene
  7. Allude
  8. Deduce
  9. Swelter
  10. Wither
  1. Evoke
  2. Terse
  3. Belittle
  4. Gape
  5. Perverse
  6. Lament
  7. Encroach 
  8. Dauntless 
  9. Amplify
  10. Passive
  1. Hearten
  2. Arduous 
  3. Ideal 
  4. Rudimentary
  5. Engulf
  6. Callous
  7. Appalling
  8. Somber 
  9. Connoisseur
  10. Fickle
  1. Craven
  2. Fester
  3. Writhe
  4. Palpable
  5. Demise 
  6. Malice
  7. Peril 
  8. Cower
  9. Maim 
  10. Evade
  1. Respite
  2. Idiosyncrasy 
  3. Ostracize
  4. Countenance
  5. Delectable
  6. Emit
  7. Lieu
  8. Incessant
  9. Copious
  10. Languid 
  1. Bliss
  2. Infamy
  3. Appease
  4. Frank
  5. Coerce
  6. Reminisce 
  7. Dire
  8. Tenacious
  9. Fraught
  10. Badger
  1. Surreptitious
  2. Petulant 
  3. Incongruous
  4. Austere
  5. Scapegoat
  6. Dormant
  7. Calamity
  8. Volition
  9. Laudable
  10. Encumber
  1. Permeate 
  2. Feign
  3. Debase
  4. Rivet 
  5. Allure
  6. Futile
  7. Chastise 
  8. Animosity
  9. Enrapture 
  10. Revere
  1. Lackadaisical 
  2.  Novelty 
  3.  Abstruse 
  4.  Perturb 
  5. Ajar
  6.  Endure
  7.  Relinquish 
  8.  Emulate
  1. Gregarious 
  2. Duress 
  3.  Partition
  4. Unbridled
  5. Skullduggery
  6. Wane
  7. Innate
  8. Devoid
  9. Candor
  10. Myriad
  1. Gloat
  2. Damper 
  3. Askew
  4. Detest  
  5. Bedlam 
  6. Miniscule 
  7. Wrest
  8. Enamor
  9. Paltry
  10. Remorse
  1. Wrath
  2. Docile
  3. Embed
  4. Tawdry
  5. Ambiance
  6. Facade 
  7. Remorse

Plethora Excessive fullness; superabundance; a lot

Embellish To add fanciful or fictitious details to; to beautify by adding ornaments

Precarious Unsafe, unstable, uncertain

Forebode To predict

Obtain To gain possession of; to acquire; get 

Serene Clear; calm; tranquil

Allude To refer to indirectly 

Deduce To come to a conclusion through evidence

Swelter Oppressed by heat; extreme heat

Wither To become dry; shriveled, shrunken, dried-up

Evoke To summon forth, call to mind, suggest

Terse Brief and to the point; concise

Belittle To put someone down; speak or think of as unimportant

Gape To become widely open; to stare in amazement 

Perverse Stubborn; contrary

Lament To express sorrow or regret; to mourn

Encroach To intrude gradually; to trespass

Dauntless Fearless; unintimidated

Amplify To make larger, louder, or more powerful

Passive Inactive; accepting or allowing what happened or what others do

Hearten To give strength, courage, or hope; to encourage 

Arduous Hard, difficult, tiresome

Ideal A person or situation said to be perfect; the best result or goal 

Rudimentary Basic, crude, undeveloped

Engulf To surround or enclose completely

Callous Unfeeling, insensitive

Appalling Filling with dismay; causing horror 

Somber Depressing, gloomy, dark

Connoisseur An expert, particularly in art and taste

Fickle Changing for no reason; not loyal or consistent 

Craven Lacking courage; cowardly

Fester To generate pus; a source of resentment or irritation

Writhe To cause to twist or bend; to suffer in pain or embarrassment

Palpable Capable of being touched or felt 

Demise Death; the end

Malice Desire or intention to harm others or see them suffer

Peril Something dangerous or risky; in danger or at risk of harm 

Cower To crouch or shrink away from in fear

Maim To disable or disfigure, to cripple 

Evade To elude or avoid by cunning; to flee

Respite A rest, a delay, a period of relief

Idiosyncrasy A weird behavioral quirk

Ostracize To exclude from a group; to shun

Countenance Facial expression

Delectable Delicious, savory, delightful

Emit To send or give out

Lieu Instead of; in place of

Incessant Nonstop; continuing without interruption

Copious Abundant; plentiful

Languid Lacking energy; weak; showing little interest in anything

Bliss Great happiness; joy 

Coerce To force someone by threatening or overpowering

Appease To sooth; to pacify or relieve

Frank Marked by free and sincere expression; direct in speech

Infamy An evil reputation; extreme disgrace

Reminisce Recalling the past

Dire Disastrous; desperate

Tenacious Tough; stubborn; not letting go

Fraught Teeming with; full

Badger To tease, annoy, harass

Surreptitious Done or acting in a secret, sly manner

Petulant Irritable, cranky

Incongruous Not appropriate, unsuited to the surroundings; not fitting in

Austere Stern manner; without excess, severely simple and plain

Scapegoat A person or thing carrying the blame for others

Dormant Asleep, inactive

Volition An act of choosing, using one's own will in a conscious choice

Calamity An event that causes great misfortune; a disaster 

Laudable Worthy or deserving of praise

Encumber To weigh down; to burden

Permeate To flow or spread through 

Feign To give a false appearance; to pretend

Debase To lower in quality, character, or value

Rivet To hold the attention; something that fastens two parts together

Allure To tempt; to entice with something desirable

Futile Having no useful result; not successful; of no importance 

Chastise To criticize severely; to discipline

Animosity A strong dislike; bitter hostility

Enrapture To delight, to thrill or give pleasure

Revere To regard with great devotion or respect, to honor

Lackadaisical Showing lack of interest 

Novelty Newness; originality 

Abstruse Hard to understand

Perturb To make uneasy; to upset

Ajar Partially open

Endure To carry on despite hardships; to put up with

Relinquish To give up doing; to surrender, give in

Emulate To attempt to equal or surpass; especially through imitation; to copy 

Gregarious Seeking and enjoying the company of others; sociable 

Duress Hardship, restraint, confinement

Skullduggery Trickery; underhandedness 

Partition The division of something into parts

Unbridled Violent, unbounded, unrestrained

Wane To decrease gradually 

Innate Possessed at birth, inborn; a natural characteristic 

Devoid Entirely without; lacking

Candor Truthfulness, sincere honesty

Myriad An extremely large number

Gloat To brag greatly

Damper One that depresses or restrains; a dulling or deadening influence

Askew Twisted to one side, crooked; a sidelong look of contempt

Detest To dislike intensely; to hate

Bedlam A state or scene of noisy uproar and confusion

Miniscule Very small

Wrest To pull away, take by violence 

Enamor To inspire with love; captivate

Paltry Insignificant; of little value

Remorse A strong feeling or sadness or guilt for having done something wrong 

Wrath Extreme or violent rage 

Candor Truthfulness, sincere honesty 

Docile Easily taught or controlled; obedient, easy to handle 

Embed Firmly fixed in a surrounding mass 

Innate Possessed at birth; a natural characteristic 

Tawdry Gaudy and cheap in appearance or nature 

Ambiance Mood, feeling; general atmosphere 

Facade The front of a building; a false appearance or illusion of something

Ms. Ozzy

Ms. Ozzy teaches 8th grade English at Swift Creek Middle School.