Vocabulary Words

Here are the vocabulary words for Ms. Ozzy's 8th grade English Language Arts Class.
November 4, 2019
Vocabulary Words: November 4-8

Respite – (noun) A rest, a delay, a period of relief Idiosyncrasy – (noun) A weird behavioral quirk Ostracize – (-ed, -s, -ing) To exclude from a group; to shun Countenance – (noun)Facial expression Delectable –(Adjective) Delicious, savory, delightful

October 19, 2019
Vocabulary Words: October 21-25

Craven (-ly) - Lacking courage; cowardly Fester (-ed,-s-,-ing) -  To generate pus; a source of resentment or irritation Writhe (-ed,-s-,-ing) -  To cause to twist or bend; to suffer in pain or embarrassment Palpable - Capable of being touched or felt  Demise - Death; the end

October 1, 2019
Week of September 30-October 4

Callous – (-ly) Unfeeling, insensitive Appalling – (-ly) Filling with dismay; causing horror  Somber- (-ly) Depressing, gloomy, dark Connoisseur -  An expert, particularly in art and taste Fickle – (-ly) Changing for no reason; not loyal or consistent

September 16, 2019
Week of September 16-20

Hearten (-ed/-ing/-s)-  To give strength, courage, or hope; to encourage  Arduous (-ly)- Hard, difficult, tiresome Ideal - A person or situation said to be perfect; the best result or goal  Rudimentary - Basic, crude, undeveloped Engulf (-ed/-ing/-s)- To surround or enclose completely

September 9, 2019
Week of September 9-13

Lament – (-ed, -s, ing) To express sorrow or regret; to mourn Encroach – (-ed, -s, ing) To intrude gradually; to trespass Dauntless– (-ly) Fearless; unintimidated Amplify – (-ed, -s, ing) To make larger, louder, or more powerful Passive– (-ly) Inactive; accepting or allowing what happened or what others do

September 3, 2019
Week of September 3-6

Evoke – ed, ing, s To summon forth, call to mind, suggest Emotions, memories, pictures, response Terse – ly Brief and to the point; concise Belittle – ed, ing, s To put someone down; speak or think of as unimportant Gape – VERB (ed, s, ing) To become widely open; to stare in amazement Perverse […]

August 26, 2019
Week of Agust 26-30

Serene - Clear; calm; tranquil Allude - To refer to indirectly Deduce - To come to a conclusion through evidence Swelter - Oppressed by heat; extreme heat Wither - To become dry; shriveled, shrunken, dried-up

August 19, 2019
Week of August 19-23

Plethora - Excessive fullness; superabundance; a lot Embellish - To add fanciful or fictitious details to; to beautify by adding ornaments Precarious - Unsafe, unstable, uncertain Forebode  - To predict Obtain - To gain possession of; to acquire; get

August 13, 2019
Vocabulary Words for 2019-2020

Download this list as a Word Document or PDF. Plethora Embellish Precarious Forebode Obtain Serene Allude Deduce Swelter Wither Evoke Terse Belittle Gape Perverse Lament Encroach  Dauntless  Amplify Passive Hearten Arduous  Ideal  Rudimentary Engulf Callous Appalling Somber  Connoisseur Fickle Craven Fester Writhe Palpable Demise  Malice Peril  Cower Maim  Evade Respite Idiosyncrasy  Ostracize Countenance Delectable Emit […]

Ms. Ozzy

Ms. Ozzy teaches 8th grade English at Swift Creek Middle School.